Patchwork circles

WhiteQuiltSampler_1On her latest visit to Brooklyn, my friend Stephanie suggested a quilt block exchange amongst our trio of textile lovers, including Tara. We formed our rules: each person must make six squares sized 24″x24″ using shades of white and creams. Each person keeps two of their own squares, and sends two squares to each of the others. The deadline was December 19, but of course, none of us hit the deadline (poorly timed with holiday gift-making season!). This week, after somewhat mastering the skill of quilting circles, I delivered my pieces to Stephanie and Tara.

My fabrics are a mixture of men’s dress shirts and purchased yardage. I wanted an excuse to start using the 3,287 (maybe a slight exaggeration) decorative stitches that my sewing machine can produce, so I added texture with rows of embroidery. I’m going to create a throw-sized sampler quilt with all six of our combined blocks, so stay tuned.


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7 thoughts on “Patchwork circles

  1. I adore this idea, and very much look forward to seeing how this comes together! It’s funny, I teach a version of this quilt to Hen Parties- they all sew a patch, initial or ‘sign’ in thread then I sew together in a quilt to be presented to the Bride on her wedding day. I make it slightly differently and they always end up being super colorful because so many women with different styles work on it. In my family it’s known as an interpretation of the wedding bands patch and I managed to trace the design back to Roman times! I think I need to hunt down a couple mates to do this with thou, it’s such a wonderful idea! Thanks xxx

  2. oh my god kirsten, I am dieing!!!!! yours havent come in the mail yet, but Im excitedly waiting! fingers crossed, yours will go out on monday…. XOXOXO!!

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