A quilt goes to the beach

I’m learning to surf. Most people don’t associate NYC with surfing, but yeah, it’s a thing here too – although I wouldn’t say the surf culture and quality rivals Australia or California or Indonesia. For a wee learner like me, it’s totally fun. I face a split-second conundrum every weekend: work on sewing projects or head to the beach? Duh. I head to the beach, with my adventure-seeking lady friends in tow. The other weekend I needed to figure out a way to photograph my latest quilt and catch waves on the same day. Solution? The quilt ventured with us to the Rockaways, sprawled itself across the sand, and soaked up the sunshine.

This quilt is a gift to my dear friends Ayça and Evan. Their wedding was the most spectacular dance celebration in Rhode Island last month. I’m still smiling from the memories, and hoping the quilt accompanies them on a lifetime of love and laughter. The top is pieced from men’s dress shirts sourced from Goodwills across the Eastern Seabord. The finished size is too big to measure, so hopefully Ayça and Evan plan on buying a king size bed sometime soon.

Special thanks to my friends, Shannon and Danielle, for making these photos happen.


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20 thoughts on “A quilt goes to the beach

  1. Will never tire of being referred to as an “adventure-seeking” friend. Also quilt is gorgeous. Obviously.

  2. Well, now I know where to find you on an August weekend. I will be watching you…and the quilt!!!

    • KjBkStalker, now that I have your I.P. address, I can reverse-stalk you like a crazed hungry person on a Citi Bike furiously pedaling to the cronut place in soho. :)

  3. What could possibly be better than a handmade quilt by you, Kirsten?
    I suppose only one on the beach! Amazing. Beautiful most thoughtful gift!

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