Quilting sketchbook

QuiltSketchbok_3I’ve always been a sucker for new sketchbooks. The smooth, crisp pages of a blank sketchbook get me rolling with inspiration, not to mention that fresh new paper smell. I caved and picked up a new book the other week at MUJI, which brings my tally of active sketchbooks to around six, each half full with notes and random ideas. This sketchbook had my name all over it – the gridded sheets screamed 25 quilts waiting to be sketched and stitched.

These photos were taken in Houston on the grounds of the Menil Collection, a museum designed by Renzo Piano, and the Rothko Chapel. Thanks to my friends Kristi and Tony for their top-notch hand modeling services.


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5 thoughts on “Quilting sketchbook

  1. You should transform some.of your sketches into patterns or sew alongs! Maybe just starting small, id love to do the first one. In shot cottons??? Yes ;0) Amie

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